A New Age Begins...

Maximus Light holds a rank in the Universe, far beyond the legendary status of Ascended Master.  He is the penultimate teacher in the world world at mentoring new earth leaders with harmonic consciousness for Co-Creating Heaven on Earth.

Maximus Light's presence within this Reality, brings an unprecedented opportunity on Earth, for the Accelerated Evolution of Souls.

 In 2022 Maximus launched his global platform called “Erlandia: Your Journey to Paradise on Earth.” Erlandia a full path ascension platform, and is the most sophisticated and advanced Ascension platform in the world.


The Mysteries in Sacred Art

As a Master Being, Maximus uses the Sacred mudras in his communications and transmissions. Mudras, are sacred hand gestures of power, and can be witnessed throughout the worlds ancient artwork of ascended masters such as Quan Yin, Buddha, and more.

Different than the stories of these beings, Maximus utilizes mudras in a very artful way, much like sign-language. It is not something he consciously thinks about, but rather is arranged as naturally as walking down the street.


Vibration is Everywhere

Another form of communication utilized by Maximus is his mastery of advanced Vocal harmonics. 

After waking up as a beyond ascended mastery, his knowledge and ability with harmonics is integrated and expressed as a way of life, as well as through vocal communication.
More sophisticated than the famous Tibetan Throat singing, Maximus utilizes an incredible range of both high and low frequencies as well as their intersecting patterns through his voice.

Direct vibrational communication superceeds the conceptual language people are used to, and communicates information directly to the Soul.
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