Maximus Light

The Beginning...

After 1800 years of staying hidden, studying Mankind, In January 2019, Maximus Light announced his presence to this world.

As a Master Being, Maximus Light was asked by God to enter this Reality, and support the ascent of Mankind into its next stage of evolution. According to Maximus, this process will transpire over the next 1,000 years. However, those that wish to enter this blessed state of being sooner rather than later, are welcome and guided to enter into a direct path of Accelerated Evolution with the Sacred Teachings of Play, Fun, and Love offered by Maximus.

Erlandia was created to offer these teachings and support to those that feel the call from the comfort of their current lifestyle.

For those that seek out a more direct path of Mentorship with Maximus, it is suggested to begin their Journey through Erlandia, before applying for his private mentorship programs.

The Mysteries in Sacred Art

As a Master Being, Maximus uses the Sacred mudras in his communications and transmissions. Mudras, are sacred hand gestures of power, and can be witnessed throughout the worlds ancient artwork of ascended masters such as Quan Yin, Buddha, and more.

Different than the stories of these beings, Maximus utilizes mudras in a very artful way, much like sign-language. It is not something he consciously thinks about, but rather is as organically arranged as walking is for a normal person.

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